Single Defect Reports

Single Defect Reports

If you have a specific concern with a building but the cost of a Survey is not appropriate we can inspect the area of concern and provide written advice on the defect and options on how to remedy the situation.


We received instructions from the Directors of the freeholder’s management company responsible for a large block of shops and flats in Sevenoaks to review the issues of water ingress into one of the retail shops from the level above.

Several attempts had been made by the Directors and their contractors to ascertain the cause of the leak, but without success and damage had resulted to the area below.  We attended on site, prepared a preliminary report having identified the likely cause as a failed downpipe obscured within the structure (photograph 1).  An appointment was arranged for us to reattend with a roofing contractor to “break open” the head of the brick pier to expose the pipe – see photograph 2.  The directors were appraised of the situation, advice given by Sheffords’ surveyor as to the required repair and the contractor instructed to complete a suitable repair which was attempted under our supervision.  The building is now drying out!!

We have found over recent years an increasing rate of deterioration in zinc and lead based materials possibly associated with issues such as acid rain.  Where such pipes are obscured within the structure of buildings substantial damage can result when failure occurs.  Sheffords undertook this work utilising our single defect method of reporting.  For further information regarding this services without obligation please contact us. 

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